Transaction number starting 067RR

New Zealand national debt is fixed under the transaction number 067RR. On 11 November 2017, at 13:13 PM, it accounted for $78,758,827,949. On that day, the population of New Zealand was 4,658,641 people and the country's GDP was $180,531,202,211 - this means that government debt relative to GDP was 43.63%. The average debt per resident is $16,906 and this indicator is constantly rising.

List similar transaction number

067RRAA 067RRAB 067RRAC 067RRAD 067RRAE 067RRAF 067RRAG 067RRAH 067RRAI 067RRAJ 067RRAK 067RRAL 067RRAM 067RRAN 067RRAO 067RRAP 067RRAQ 067RRAR 067RRAS 067RRAT 067RRAU 067RRAW 067RRAV 067RRAX 067RRAY 067RRAZ 067RRA0 067RRA1 067RRA2 067RRA3 067RRA4 067RRA5 067RRA6 067RRA7 067RRA8 067RRA9
067RRBA 067RRBB 067RRBC 067RRBD 067RRBE 067RRBF 067RRBG 067RRBH 067RRBI 067RRBJ 067RRBK 067RRBL 067RRBM 067RRBN 067RRBO 067RRBP 067RRBQ 067RRBR 067RRBS 067RRBT 067RRBU 067RRBW 067RRBV 067RRBX 067RRBY 067RRBZ 067RRB0 067RRB1 067RRB2 067RRB3 067RRB4 067RRB5 067RRB6 067RRB7 067RRB8 067RRB9
067RRCA 067RRCB 067RRCC 067RRCD 067RRCE 067RRCF 067RRCG 067RRCH 067RRCI 067RRCJ 067RRCK 067RRCL 067RRCM 067RRCN 067RRCO 067RRCP 067RRCQ 067RRCR 067RRCS 067RRCT 067RRCU 067RRCW 067RRCV 067RRCX 067RRCY 067RRCZ 067RRC0 067RRC1 067RRC2 067RRC3 067RRC4 067RRC5 067RRC6 067RRC7 067RRC8 067RRC9
067RRDA 067RRDB 067RRDC 067RRDD 067RRDE 067RRDF 067RRDG 067RRDH 067RRDI 067RRDJ 067RRDK 067RRDL 067RRDM 067RRDN 067RRDO 067RRDP 067RRDQ 067RRDR 067RRDS 067RRDT 067RRDU 067RRDW 067RRDV 067RRDX 067RRDY 067RRDZ 067RRD0 067RRD1 067RRD2 067RRD3 067RRD4 067RRD5 067RRD6 067RRD7 067RRD8 067RRD9
067RREA 067RREB 067RREC 067RRED 067RREE 067RREF 067RREG 067RREH 067RREI 067RREJ 067RREK 067RREL 067RREM 067RREN 067RREO 067RREP 067RREQ 067RRER 067RRES 067RRET 067RREU 067RREW 067RREV 067RREX 067RREY 067RREZ 067RRE0 067RRE1 067RRE2 067RRE3 067RRE4 067RRE5 067RRE6 067RRE7 067RRE8 067RRE9
067RRFA 067RRFB 067RRFC 067RRFD 067RRFE 067RRFF 067RRFG 067RRFH 067RRFI 067RRFJ 067RRFK 067RRFL 067RRFM 067RRFN 067RRFO 067RRFP 067RRFQ 067RRFR 067RRFS 067RRFT 067RRFU 067RRFW 067RRFV 067RRFX 067RRFY 067RRFZ 067RRF0 067RRF1 067RRF2 067RRF3 067RRF4 067RRF5 067RRF6 067RRF7 067RRF8 067RRF9
067RRGA 067RRGB 067RRGC 067RRGD 067RRGE 067RRGF 067RRGG 067RRGH 067RRGI 067RRGJ 067RRGK 067RRGL 067RRGM 067RRGN 067RRGO 067RRGP 067RRGQ 067RRGR 067RRGS 067RRGT 067RRGU 067RRGW 067RRGV 067RRGX 067RRGY 067RRGZ 067RRG0 067RRG1 067RRG2 067RRG3 067RRG4 067RRG5 067RRG6 067RRG7 067RRG8 067RRG9
067RRHA 067RRHB 067RRHC 067RRHD 067RRHE 067RRHF 067RRHG 067RRHH 067RRHI 067RRHJ 067RRHK 067RRHL 067RRHM 067RRHN 067RRHO 067RRHP 067RRHQ 067RRHR 067RRHS 067RRHT 067RRHU 067RRHW 067RRHV 067RRHX 067RRHY 067RRHZ 067RRH0 067RRH1 067RRH2 067RRH3 067RRH4 067RRH5 067RRH6 067RRH7 067RRH8 067RRH9
067RRIA 067RRIB 067RRIC 067RRID 067RRIE 067RRIF 067RRIG 067RRIH 067RRII 067RRIJ 067RRIK 067RRIL 067RRIM 067RRIN 067RRIO 067RRIP 067RRIQ 067RRIR 067RRIS 067RRIT 067RRIU 067RRIW 067RRIV 067RRIX 067RRIY 067RRIZ 067RRI0 067RRI1 067RRI2 067RRI3 067RRI4 067RRI5 067RRI6 067RRI7 067RRI8 067RRI9
067RRJA 067RRJB 067RRJC 067RRJD 067RRJE 067RRJF 067RRJG 067RRJH 067RRJI 067RRJJ 067RRJK 067RRJL 067RRJM 067RRJN 067RRJO 067RRJP 067RRJQ 067RRJR 067RRJS 067RRJT 067RRJU 067RRJW 067RRJV 067RRJX 067RRJY 067RRJZ 067RRJ0 067RRJ1 067RRJ2 067RRJ3 067RRJ4 067RRJ5 067RRJ6 067RRJ7 067RRJ8 067RRJ9
067RRKA 067RRKB 067RRKC 067RRKD 067RRKE 067RRKF 067RRKG 067RRKH 067RRKI 067RRKJ 067RRKK 067RRKL 067RRKM 067RRKN 067RRKO 067RRKP 067RRKQ 067RRKR 067RRKS 067RRKT 067RRKU 067RRKW 067RRKV 067RRKX 067RRKY 067RRKZ 067RRK0 067RRK1 067RRK2 067RRK3 067RRK4 067RRK5 067RRK6 067RRK7 067RRK8 067RRK9
067RRLA 067RRLB 067RRLC 067RRLD 067RRLE 067RRLF 067RRLG 067RRLH 067RRLI 067RRLJ 067RRLK 067RRLL 067RRLM 067RRLN 067RRLO 067RRLP 067RRLQ 067RRLR 067RRLS 067RRLT 067RRLU 067RRLW 067RRLV 067RRLX 067RRLY 067RRLZ 067RRL0 067RRL1 067RRL2 067RRL3 067RRL4 067RRL5 067RRL6 067RRL7 067RRL8 067RRL9
067RRMA 067RRMB 067RRMC 067RRMD 067RRME 067RRMF 067RRMG 067RRMH 067RRMI 067RRMJ 067RRMK 067RRML 067RRMM 067RRMN 067RRMO 067RRMP 067RRMQ 067RRMR 067RRMS 067RRMT 067RRMU 067RRMW 067RRMV 067RRMX 067RRMY 067RRMZ 067RRM0 067RRM1 067RRM2 067RRM3 067RRM4 067RRM5 067RRM6 067RRM7 067RRM8 067RRM9
067RRNA 067RRNB 067RRNC 067RRND 067RRNE 067RRNF 067RRNG 067RRNH 067RRNI 067RRNJ 067RRNK 067RRNL 067RRNM 067RRNN 067RRNO 067RRNP 067RRNQ 067RRNR 067RRNS 067RRNT 067RRNU 067RRNW 067RRNV 067RRNX 067RRNY 067RRNZ 067RRN0 067RRN1 067RRN2 067RRN3 067RRN4 067RRN5 067RRN6 067RRN7 067RRN8 067RRN9
067RROA 067RROB 067RROC 067RROD 067RROE 067RROF 067RROG 067RROH 067RROI 067RROJ 067RROK 067RROL 067RROM 067RRON 067RROO 067RROP 067RROQ 067RROR 067RROS 067RROT 067RROU 067RROW 067RROV 067RROX 067RROY 067RROZ 067RRO0 067RRO1 067RRO2 067RRO3 067RRO4 067RRO5 067RRO6 067RRO7 067RRO8 067RRO9
067RRPA 067RRPB 067RRPC 067RRPD 067RRPE 067RRPF 067RRPG 067RRPH 067RRPI 067RRPJ 067RRPK 067RRPL 067RRPM 067RRPN 067RRPO 067RRPP 067RRPQ 067RRPR 067RRPS 067RRPT 067RRPU 067RRPW 067RRPV 067RRPX 067RRPY 067RRPZ 067RRP0 067RRP1 067RRP2 067RRP3 067RRP4 067RRP5 067RRP6 067RRP7 067RRP8 067RRP9
067RRQA 067RRQB 067RRQC 067RRQD 067RRQE 067RRQF 067RRQG 067RRQH 067RRQI 067RRQJ 067RRQK 067RRQL 067RRQM 067RRQN 067RRQO 067RRQP 067RRQQ 067RRQR 067RRQS 067RRQT 067RRQU 067RRQW 067RRQV 067RRQX 067RRQY 067RRQZ 067RRQ0 067RRQ1 067RRQ2 067RRQ3 067RRQ4 067RRQ5 067RRQ6 067RRQ7 067RRQ8 067RRQ9
067RRRA 067RRRB 067RRRC 067RRRD 067RRRE 067RRRF 067RRRG 067RRRH 067RRRI 067RRRJ 067RRRK 067RRRL 067RRRM 067RRRN 067RRRO 067RRRP 067RRRQ 067RRRR 067RRRS 067RRRT 067RRRU 067RRRW 067RRRV 067RRRX 067RRRY 067RRRZ 067RRR0 067RRR1 067RRR2 067RRR3 067RRR4 067RRR5 067RRR6 067RRR7 067RRR8 067RRR9
067RRSA 067RRSB 067RRSC 067RRSD 067RRSE 067RRSF 067RRSG 067RRSH 067RRSI 067RRSJ 067RRSK 067RRSL 067RRSM 067RRSN 067RRSO 067RRSP 067RRSQ 067RRSR 067RRSS 067RRST 067RRSU 067RRSW 067RRSV 067RRSX 067RRSY 067RRSZ 067RRS0 067RRS1 067RRS2 067RRS3 067RRS4 067RRS5 067RRS6 067RRS7 067RRS8 067RRS9
067RRTA 067RRTB 067RRTC 067RRTD 067RRTE 067RRTF 067RRTG 067RRTH 067RRTI 067RRTJ 067RRTK 067RRTL 067RRTM 067RRTN 067RRTO 067RRTP 067RRTQ 067RRTR 067RRTS 067RRTT 067RRTU 067RRTW 067RRTV 067RRTX 067RRTY 067RRTZ 067RRT0 067RRT1 067RRT2 067RRT3 067RRT4 067RRT5 067RRT6 067RRT7 067RRT8 067RRT9
067RRUA 067RRUB 067RRUC 067RRUD 067RRUE 067RRUF 067RRUG 067RRUH 067RRUI 067RRUJ 067RRUK 067RRUL 067RRUM 067RRUN 067RRUO 067RRUP 067RRUQ 067RRUR 067RRUS 067RRUT 067RRUU 067RRUW 067RRUV 067RRUX 067RRUY 067RRUZ 067RRU0 067RRU1 067RRU2 067RRU3 067RRU4 067RRU5 067RRU6 067RRU7 067RRU8 067RRU9
067RRWA 067RRWB 067RRWC 067RRWD 067RRWE 067RRWF 067RRWG 067RRWH 067RRWI 067RRWJ 067RRWK 067RRWL 067RRWM 067RRWN 067RRWO 067RRWP 067RRWQ 067RRWR 067RRWS 067RRWT 067RRWU 067RRWW 067RRWV 067RRWX 067RRWY 067RRWZ 067RRW0 067RRW1 067RRW2 067RRW3 067RRW4 067RRW5 067RRW6 067RRW7 067RRW8 067RRW9
067RRVA 067RRVB 067RRVC 067RRVD 067RRVE 067RRVF 067RRVG 067RRVH 067RRVI 067RRVJ 067RRVK 067RRVL 067RRVM 067RRVN 067RRVO 067RRVP 067RRVQ 067RRVR 067RRVS 067RRVT 067RRVU 067RRVW 067RRVV 067RRVX 067RRVY 067RRVZ 067RRV0 067RRV1 067RRV2 067RRV3 067RRV4 067RRV5 067RRV6 067RRV7 067RRV8 067RRV9
067RRXA 067RRXB 067RRXC 067RRXD 067RRXE 067RRXF 067RRXG 067RRXH 067RRXI 067RRXJ 067RRXK 067RRXL 067RRXM 067RRXN 067RRXO 067RRXP 067RRXQ 067RRXR 067RRXS 067RRXT 067RRXU 067RRXW 067RRXV 067RRXX 067RRXY 067RRXZ 067RRX0 067RRX1 067RRX2 067RRX3 067RRX4 067RRX5 067RRX6 067RRX7 067RRX8 067RRX9
067RRYA 067RRYB 067RRYC 067RRYD 067RRYE 067RRYF 067RRYG 067RRYH 067RRYI 067RRYJ 067RRYK 067RRYL 067RRYM 067RRYN 067RRYO 067RRYP 067RRYQ 067RRYR 067RRYS 067RRYT 067RRYU 067RRYW 067RRYV 067RRYX 067RRYY 067RRYZ 067RRY0 067RRY1 067RRY2 067RRY3 067RRY4 067RRY5 067RRY6 067RRY7 067RRY8 067RRY9
067RRZA 067RRZB 067RRZC 067RRZD 067RRZE 067RRZF 067RRZG 067RRZH 067RRZI 067RRZJ 067RRZK 067RRZL 067RRZM 067RRZN 067RRZO 067RRZP 067RRZQ 067RRZR 067RRZS 067RRZT 067RRZU 067RRZW 067RRZV 067RRZX 067RRZY 067RRZZ 067RRZ0 067RRZ1 067RRZ2 067RRZ3 067RRZ4 067RRZ5 067RRZ6 067RRZ7 067RRZ8 067RRZ9
067RR0A 067RR0B 067RR0C 067RR0D 067RR0E 067RR0F 067RR0G 067RR0H 067RR0I 067RR0J 067RR0K 067RR0L 067RR0M 067RR0N 067RR0O 067RR0P 067RR0Q 067RR0R 067RR0S 067RR0T 067RR0U 067RR0W 067RR0V 067RR0X 067RR0Y 067RR0Z 067RR00 067RR01 067RR02 067RR03 067RR04 067RR05 067RR06 067RR07 067RR08 067RR09
067RR1A 067RR1B 067RR1C 067RR1D 067RR1E 067RR1F 067RR1G 067RR1H 067RR1I 067RR1J 067RR1K 067RR1L 067RR1M 067RR1N 067RR1O 067RR1P 067RR1Q 067RR1R 067RR1S 067RR1T 067RR1U 067RR1W 067RR1V 067RR1X 067RR1Y 067RR1Z 067RR10 067RR11 067RR12 067RR13 067RR14 067RR15 067RR16 067RR17 067RR18 067RR19
067RR2A 067RR2B 067RR2C 067RR2D 067RR2E 067RR2F 067RR2G 067RR2H 067RR2I 067RR2J 067RR2K 067RR2L 067RR2M 067RR2N 067RR2O 067RR2P 067RR2Q 067RR2R 067RR2S 067RR2T 067RR2U 067RR2W 067RR2V 067RR2X 067RR2Y 067RR2Z 067RR20 067RR21 067RR22 067RR23 067RR24 067RR25 067RR26 067RR27 067RR28 067RR29
067RR3A 067RR3B 067RR3C 067RR3D 067RR3E 067RR3F 067RR3G 067RR3H 067RR3I 067RR3J 067RR3K 067RR3L 067RR3M 067RR3N 067RR3O 067RR3P 067RR3Q 067RR3R 067RR3S 067RR3T 067RR3U 067RR3W 067RR3V 067RR3X 067RR3Y 067RR3Z 067RR30 067RR31 067RR32 067RR33 067RR34 067RR35 067RR36 067RR37 067RR38 067RR39
067RR4A 067RR4B 067RR4C 067RR4D 067RR4E 067RR4F 067RR4G 067RR4H 067RR4I 067RR4J 067RR4K 067RR4L 067RR4M 067RR4N 067RR4O 067RR4P 067RR4Q 067RR4R 067RR4S 067RR4T 067RR4U 067RR4W 067RR4V 067RR4X 067RR4Y 067RR4Z 067RR40 067RR41 067RR42 067RR43 067RR44 067RR45 067RR46 067RR47 067RR48 067RR49
067RR5A 067RR5B 067RR5C 067RR5D 067RR5E 067RR5F 067RR5G 067RR5H 067RR5I 067RR5J 067RR5K 067RR5L 067RR5M 067RR5N 067RR5O 067RR5P 067RR5Q 067RR5R 067RR5S 067RR5T 067RR5U 067RR5W 067RR5V 067RR5X 067RR5Y 067RR5Z 067RR50 067RR51 067RR52 067RR53 067RR54 067RR55 067RR56 067RR57 067RR58 067RR59
067RR6A 067RR6B 067RR6C 067RR6D 067RR6E 067RR6F 067RR6G 067RR6H 067RR6I 067RR6J 067RR6K 067RR6L 067RR6M 067RR6N 067RR6O 067RR6P 067RR6Q 067RR6R 067RR6S 067RR6T 067RR6U 067RR6W 067RR6V 067RR6X 067RR6Y 067RR6Z 067RR60 067RR61 067RR62 067RR63 067RR64 067RR65 067RR66 067RR67 067RR68 067RR69
067RR7A 067RR7B 067RR7C 067RR7D 067RR7E 067RR7F 067RR7G 067RR7H 067RR7I 067RR7J 067RR7K 067RR7L 067RR7M 067RR7N 067RR7O 067RR7P 067RR7Q 067RR7R 067RR7S 067RR7T 067RR7U 067RR7W 067RR7V 067RR7X 067RR7Y 067RR7Z 067RR70 067RR71 067RR72 067RR73 067RR74 067RR75 067RR76 067RR77 067RR78 067RR79
067RR8A 067RR8B 067RR8C 067RR8D 067RR8E 067RR8F 067RR8G 067RR8H 067RR8I 067RR8J 067RR8K 067RR8L 067RR8M 067RR8N 067RR8O 067RR8P 067RR8Q 067RR8R 067RR8S 067RR8T 067RR8U 067RR8W 067RR8V 067RR8X 067RR8Y 067RR8Z 067RR80 067RR81 067RR82 067RR83 067RR84 067RR85 067RR86 067RR87 067RR88 067RR89
067RR9A 067RR9B 067RR9C 067RR9D 067RR9E 067RR9F 067RR9G 067RR9H 067RR9I 067RR9J 067RR9K 067RR9L 067RR9M 067RR9N 067RR9O 067RR9P 067RR9Q 067RR9R 067RR9S 067RR9T 067RR9U 067RR9W 067RR9V 067RR9X 067RR9Y 067RR9Z 067RR90 067RR91 067RR92 067RR93 067RR94 067RR95 067RR96 067RR97 067RR98 067RR99

New Zealand Economy Facts

You could buy 40118 pieces of Lamborghini Veneno for that amount.

You could wrap $100 bills would wrap around the planet 7 times.

If you spend $1,000,000 a day it would take you 494 years and 7 month to spend all New Zealand debt.