Transaction number starting 138AA

Luxembourg national debt is fixed under the transaction number 138AA. On 18 February 2016, at 07:36 AM, it accounted for $14,698,961,481. On that day, the population of Luxembourg was 585,945 people and the country's GDP was $64,230,755,969 - this means that government debt relative to GDP was 22.88%. The average debt per resident is $25,086 and this indicator is constantly rising.

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138AAAA 138AAAB 138AAAC 138AAAD 138AAAE 138AAAF 138AAAG 138AAAH 138AAAI 138AAAJ 138AAAK 138AAAL 138AAAM 138AAAN 138AAAO 138AAAP 138AAAQ 138AAAR 138AAAS 138AAAT 138AAAU 138AAAW 138AAAV 138AAAX 138AAAY 138AAAZ 138AAA0 138AAA1 138AAA2 138AAA3 138AAA4 138AAA5 138AAA6 138AAA7 138AAA8 138AAA9
138AABA 138AABB 138AABC 138AABD 138AABE 138AABF 138AABG 138AABH 138AABI 138AABJ 138AABK 138AABL 138AABM 138AABN 138AABO 138AABP 138AABQ 138AABR 138AABS 138AABT 138AABU 138AABW 138AABV 138AABX 138AABY 138AABZ 138AAB0 138AAB1 138AAB2 138AAB3 138AAB4 138AAB5 138AAB6 138AAB7 138AAB8 138AAB9
138AACA 138AACB 138AACC 138AACD 138AACE 138AACF 138AACG 138AACH 138AACI 138AACJ 138AACK 138AACL 138AACM 138AACN 138AACO 138AACP 138AACQ 138AACR 138AACS 138AACT 138AACU 138AACW 138AACV 138AACX 138AACY 138AACZ 138AAC0 138AAC1 138AAC2 138AAC3 138AAC4 138AAC5 138AAC6 138AAC7 138AAC8 138AAC9
138AADA 138AADB 138AADC 138AADD 138AADE 138AADF 138AADG 138AADH 138AADI 138AADJ 138AADK 138AADL 138AADM 138AADN 138AADO 138AADP 138AADQ 138AADR 138AADS 138AADT 138AADU 138AADW 138AADV 138AADX 138AADY 138AADZ 138AAD0 138AAD1 138AAD2 138AAD3 138AAD4 138AAD5 138AAD6 138AAD7 138AAD8 138AAD9
138AAEA 138AAEB 138AAEC 138AAED 138AAEE 138AAEF 138AAEG 138AAEH 138AAEI 138AAEJ 138AAEK 138AAEL 138AAEM 138AAEN 138AAEO 138AAEP 138AAEQ 138AAER 138AAES 138AAET 138AAEU 138AAEW 138AAEV 138AAEX 138AAEY 138AAEZ 138AAE0 138AAE1 138AAE2 138AAE3 138AAE4 138AAE5 138AAE6 138AAE7 138AAE8 138AAE9
138AAFA 138AAFB 138AAFC 138AAFD 138AAFE 138AAFF 138AAFG 138AAFH 138AAFI 138AAFJ 138AAFK 138AAFL 138AAFM 138AAFN 138AAFO 138AAFP 138AAFQ 138AAFR 138AAFS 138AAFT 138AAFU 138AAFW 138AAFV 138AAFX 138AAFY 138AAFZ 138AAF0 138AAF1 138AAF2 138AAF3 138AAF4 138AAF5 138AAF6 138AAF7 138AAF8 138AAF9
138AAGA 138AAGB 138AAGC 138AAGD 138AAGE 138AAGF 138AAGG 138AAGH 138AAGI 138AAGJ 138AAGK 138AAGL 138AAGM 138AAGN 138AAGO 138AAGP 138AAGQ 138AAGR 138AAGS 138AAGT 138AAGU 138AAGW 138AAGV 138AAGX 138AAGY 138AAGZ 138AAG0 138AAG1 138AAG2 138AAG3 138AAG4 138AAG5 138AAG6 138AAG7 138AAG8 138AAG9
138AAHA 138AAHB 138AAHC 138AAHD 138AAHE 138AAHF 138AAHG 138AAHH 138AAHI 138AAHJ 138AAHK 138AAHL 138AAHM 138AAHN 138AAHO 138AAHP 138AAHQ 138AAHR 138AAHS 138AAHT 138AAHU 138AAHW 138AAHV 138AAHX 138AAHY 138AAHZ 138AAH0 138AAH1 138AAH2 138AAH3 138AAH4 138AAH5 138AAH6 138AAH7 138AAH8 138AAH9
138AAIA 138AAIB 138AAIC 138AAID 138AAIE 138AAIF 138AAIG 138AAIH 138AAII 138AAIJ 138AAIK 138AAIL 138AAIM 138AAIN 138AAIO 138AAIP 138AAIQ 138AAIR 138AAIS 138AAIT 138AAIU 138AAIW 138AAIV 138AAIX 138AAIY 138AAIZ 138AAI0 138AAI1 138AAI2 138AAI3 138AAI4 138AAI5 138AAI6 138AAI7 138AAI8 138AAI9
138AAJA 138AAJB 138AAJC 138AAJD 138AAJE 138AAJF 138AAJG 138AAJH 138AAJI 138AAJJ 138AAJK 138AAJL 138AAJM 138AAJN 138AAJO 138AAJP 138AAJQ 138AAJR 138AAJS 138AAJT 138AAJU 138AAJW 138AAJV 138AAJX 138AAJY 138AAJZ 138AAJ0 138AAJ1 138AAJ2 138AAJ3 138AAJ4 138AAJ5 138AAJ6 138AAJ7 138AAJ8 138AAJ9
138AAKA 138AAKB 138AAKC 138AAKD 138AAKE 138AAKF 138AAKG 138AAKH 138AAKI 138AAKJ 138AAKK 138AAKL 138AAKM 138AAKN 138AAKO 138AAKP 138AAKQ 138AAKR 138AAKS 138AAKT 138AAKU 138AAKW 138AAKV 138AAKX 138AAKY 138AAKZ 138AAK0 138AAK1 138AAK2 138AAK3 138AAK4 138AAK5 138AAK6 138AAK7 138AAK8 138AAK9
138AALA 138AALB 138AALC 138AALD 138AALE 138AALF 138AALG 138AALH 138AALI 138AALJ 138AALK 138AALL 138AALM 138AALN 138AALO 138AALP 138AALQ 138AALR 138AALS 138AALT 138AALU 138AALW 138AALV 138AALX 138AALY 138AALZ 138AAL0 138AAL1 138AAL2 138AAL3 138AAL4 138AAL5 138AAL6 138AAL7 138AAL8 138AAL9
138AAMA 138AAMB 138AAMC 138AAMD 138AAME 138AAMF 138AAMG 138AAMH 138AAMI 138AAMJ 138AAMK 138AAML 138AAMM 138AAMN 138AAMO 138AAMP 138AAMQ 138AAMR 138AAMS 138AAMT 138AAMU 138AAMW 138AAMV 138AAMX 138AAMY 138AAMZ 138AAM0 138AAM1 138AAM2 138AAM3 138AAM4 138AAM5 138AAM6 138AAM7 138AAM8 138AAM9
138AANA 138AANB 138AANC 138AAND 138AANE 138AANF 138AANG 138AANH 138AANI 138AANJ 138AANK 138AANL 138AANM 138AANN 138AANO 138AANP 138AANQ 138AANR 138AANS 138AANT 138AANU 138AANW 138AANV 138AANX 138AANY 138AANZ 138AAN0 138AAN1 138AAN2 138AAN3 138AAN4 138AAN5 138AAN6 138AAN7 138AAN8 138AAN9
138AAOA 138AAOB 138AAOC 138AAOD 138AAOE 138AAOF 138AAOG 138AAOH 138AAOI 138AAOJ 138AAOK 138AAOL 138AAOM 138AAON 138AAOO 138AAOP 138AAOQ 138AAOR 138AAOS 138AAOT 138AAOU 138AAOW 138AAOV 138AAOX 138AAOY 138AAOZ 138AAO0 138AAO1 138AAO2 138AAO3 138AAO4 138AAO5 138AAO6 138AAO7 138AAO8 138AAO9
138AAPA 138AAPB 138AAPC 138AAPD 138AAPE 138AAPF 138AAPG 138AAPH 138AAPI 138AAPJ 138AAPK 138AAPL 138AAPM 138AAPN 138AAPO 138AAPP 138AAPQ 138AAPR 138AAPS 138AAPT 138AAPU 138AAPW 138AAPV 138AAPX 138AAPY 138AAPZ 138AAP0 138AAP1 138AAP2 138AAP3 138AAP4 138AAP5 138AAP6 138AAP7 138AAP8 138AAP9
138AAQA 138AAQB 138AAQC 138AAQD 138AAQE 138AAQF 138AAQG 138AAQH 138AAQI 138AAQJ 138AAQK 138AAQL 138AAQM 138AAQN 138AAQO 138AAQP 138AAQQ 138AAQR 138AAQS 138AAQT 138AAQU 138AAQW 138AAQV 138AAQX 138AAQY 138AAQZ 138AAQ0 138AAQ1 138AAQ2 138AAQ3 138AAQ4 138AAQ5 138AAQ6 138AAQ7 138AAQ8 138AAQ9
138AARA 138AARB 138AARC 138AARD 138AARE 138AARF 138AARG 138AARH 138AARI 138AARJ 138AARK 138AARL 138AARM 138AARN 138AARO 138AARP 138AARQ 138AARR 138AARS 138AART 138AARU 138AARW 138AARV 138AARX 138AARY 138AARZ 138AAR0 138AAR1 138AAR2 138AAR3 138AAR4 138AAR5 138AAR6 138AAR7 138AAR8 138AAR9
138AASA 138AASB 138AASC 138AASD 138AASE 138AASF 138AASG 138AASH 138AASI 138AASJ 138AASK 138AASL 138AASM 138AASN 138AASO 138AASP 138AASQ 138AASR 138AASS 138AAST 138AASU 138AASW 138AASV 138AASX 138AASY 138AASZ 138AAS0 138AAS1 138AAS2 138AAS3 138AAS4 138AAS5 138AAS6 138AAS7 138AAS8 138AAS9
138AATA 138AATB 138AATC 138AATD 138AATE 138AATF 138AATG 138AATH 138AATI 138AATJ 138AATK 138AATL 138AATM 138AATN 138AATO 138AATP 138AATQ 138AATR 138AATS 138AATT 138AATU 138AATW 138AATV 138AATX 138AATY 138AATZ 138AAT0 138AAT1 138AAT2 138AAT3 138AAT4 138AAT5 138AAT6 138AAT7 138AAT8 138AAT9
138AAUA 138AAUB 138AAUC 138AAUD 138AAUE 138AAUF 138AAUG 138AAUH 138AAUI 138AAUJ 138AAUK 138AAUL 138AAUM 138AAUN 138AAUO 138AAUP 138AAUQ 138AAUR 138AAUS 138AAUT 138AAUU 138AAUW 138AAUV 138AAUX 138AAUY 138AAUZ 138AAU0 138AAU1 138AAU2 138AAU3 138AAU4 138AAU5 138AAU6 138AAU7 138AAU8 138AAU9
138AAWA 138AAWB 138AAWC 138AAWD 138AAWE 138AAWF 138AAWG 138AAWH 138AAWI 138AAWJ 138AAWK 138AAWL 138AAWM 138AAWN 138AAWO 138AAWP 138AAWQ 138AAWR 138AAWS 138AAWT 138AAWU 138AAWW 138AAWV 138AAWX 138AAWY 138AAWZ 138AAW0 138AAW1 138AAW2 138AAW3 138AAW4 138AAW5 138AAW6 138AAW7 138AAW8 138AAW9
138AAVA 138AAVB 138AAVC 138AAVD 138AAVE 138AAVF 138AAVG 138AAVH 138AAVI 138AAVJ 138AAVK 138AAVL 138AAVM 138AAVN 138AAVO 138AAVP 138AAVQ 138AAVR 138AAVS 138AAVT 138AAVU 138AAVW 138AAVV 138AAVX 138AAVY 138AAVZ 138AAV0 138AAV1 138AAV2 138AAV3 138AAV4 138AAV5 138AAV6 138AAV7 138AAV8 138AAV9
138AAXA 138AAXB 138AAXC 138AAXD 138AAXE 138AAXF 138AAXG 138AAXH 138AAXI 138AAXJ 138AAXK 138AAXL 138AAXM 138AAXN 138AAXO 138AAXP 138AAXQ 138AAXR 138AAXS 138AAXT 138AAXU 138AAXW 138AAXV 138AAXX 138AAXY 138AAXZ 138AAX0 138AAX1 138AAX2 138AAX3 138AAX4 138AAX5 138AAX6 138AAX7 138AAX8 138AAX9
138AAYA 138AAYB 138AAYC 138AAYD 138AAYE 138AAYF 138AAYG 138AAYH 138AAYI 138AAYJ 138AAYK 138AAYL 138AAYM 138AAYN 138AAYO 138AAYP 138AAYQ 138AAYR 138AAYS 138AAYT 138AAYU 138AAYW 138AAYV 138AAYX 138AAYY 138AAYZ 138AAY0 138AAY1 138AAY2 138AAY3 138AAY4 138AAY5 138AAY6 138AAY7 138AAY8 138AAY9
138AAZA 138AAZB 138AAZC 138AAZD 138AAZE 138AAZF 138AAZG 138AAZH 138AAZI 138AAZJ 138AAZK 138AAZL 138AAZM 138AAZN 138AAZO 138AAZP 138AAZQ 138AAZR 138AAZS 138AAZT 138AAZU 138AAZW 138AAZV 138AAZX 138AAZY 138AAZZ 138AAZ0 138AAZ1 138AAZ2 138AAZ3 138AAZ4 138AAZ5 138AAZ6 138AAZ7 138AAZ8 138AAZ9
138AA0A 138AA0B 138AA0C 138AA0D 138AA0E 138AA0F 138AA0G 138AA0H 138AA0I 138AA0J 138AA0K 138AA0L 138AA0M 138AA0N 138AA0O 138AA0P 138AA0Q 138AA0R 138AA0S 138AA0T 138AA0U 138AA0W 138AA0V 138AA0X 138AA0Y 138AA0Z 138AA00 138AA01 138AA02 138AA03 138AA04 138AA05 138AA06 138AA07 138AA08 138AA09
138AA1A 138AA1B 138AA1C 138AA1D 138AA1E 138AA1F 138AA1G 138AA1H 138AA1I 138AA1J 138AA1K 138AA1L 138AA1M 138AA1N 138AA1O 138AA1P 138AA1Q 138AA1R 138AA1S 138AA1T 138AA1U 138AA1W 138AA1V 138AA1X 138AA1Y 138AA1Z 138AA10 138AA11 138AA12 138AA13 138AA14 138AA15 138AA16 138AA17 138AA18 138AA19
138AA2A 138AA2B 138AA2C 138AA2D 138AA2E 138AA2F 138AA2G 138AA2H 138AA2I 138AA2J 138AA2K 138AA2L 138AA2M 138AA2N 138AA2O 138AA2P 138AA2Q 138AA2R 138AA2S 138AA2T 138AA2U 138AA2W 138AA2V 138AA2X 138AA2Y 138AA2Z 138AA20 138AA21 138AA22 138AA23 138AA24 138AA25 138AA26 138AA27 138AA28 138AA29
138AA3A 138AA3B 138AA3C 138AA3D 138AA3E 138AA3F 138AA3G 138AA3H 138AA3I 138AA3J 138AA3K 138AA3L 138AA3M 138AA3N 138AA3O 138AA3P 138AA3Q 138AA3R 138AA3S 138AA3T 138AA3U 138AA3W 138AA3V 138AA3X 138AA3Y 138AA3Z 138AA30 138AA31 138AA32 138AA33 138AA34 138AA35 138AA36 138AA37 138AA38 138AA39
138AA4A 138AA4B 138AA4C 138AA4D 138AA4E 138AA4F 138AA4G 138AA4H 138AA4I 138AA4J 138AA4K 138AA4L 138AA4M 138AA4N 138AA4O 138AA4P 138AA4Q 138AA4R 138AA4S 138AA4T 138AA4U 138AA4W 138AA4V 138AA4X 138AA4Y 138AA4Z 138AA40 138AA41 138AA42 138AA43 138AA44 138AA45 138AA46 138AA47 138AA48 138AA49
138AA5A 138AA5B 138AA5C 138AA5D 138AA5E 138AA5F 138AA5G 138AA5H 138AA5I 138AA5J 138AA5K 138AA5L 138AA5M 138AA5N 138AA5O 138AA5P 138AA5Q 138AA5R 138AA5S 138AA5T 138AA5U 138AA5W 138AA5V 138AA5X 138AA5Y 138AA5Z 138AA50 138AA51 138AA52 138AA53 138AA54 138AA55 138AA56 138AA57 138AA58 138AA59
138AA6A 138AA6B 138AA6C 138AA6D 138AA6E 138AA6F 138AA6G 138AA6H 138AA6I 138AA6J 138AA6K 138AA6L 138AA6M 138AA6N 138AA6O 138AA6P 138AA6Q 138AA6R 138AA6S 138AA6T 138AA6U 138AA6W 138AA6V 138AA6X 138AA6Y 138AA6Z 138AA60 138AA61 138AA62 138AA63 138AA64 138AA65 138AA66 138AA67 138AA68 138AA69
138AA7A 138AA7B 138AA7C 138AA7D 138AA7E 138AA7F 138AA7G 138AA7H 138AA7I 138AA7J 138AA7K 138AA7L 138AA7M 138AA7N 138AA7O 138AA7P 138AA7Q 138AA7R 138AA7S 138AA7T 138AA7U 138AA7W 138AA7V 138AA7X 138AA7Y 138AA7Z 138AA70 138AA71 138AA72 138AA73 138AA74 138AA75 138AA76 138AA77 138AA78 138AA79
138AA8A 138AA8B 138AA8C 138AA8D 138AA8E 138AA8F 138AA8G 138AA8H 138AA8I 138AA8J 138AA8K 138AA8L 138AA8M 138AA8N 138AA8O 138AA8P 138AA8Q 138AA8R 138AA8S 138AA8T 138AA8U 138AA8W 138AA8V 138AA8X 138AA8Y 138AA8Z 138AA80 138AA81 138AA82 138AA83 138AA84 138AA85 138AA86 138AA87 138AA88 138AA89
138AA9A 138AA9B 138AA9C 138AA9D 138AA9E 138AA9F 138AA9G 138AA9H 138AA9I 138AA9J 138AA9K 138AA9L 138AA9M 138AA9N 138AA9O 138AA9P 138AA9Q 138AA9R 138AA9S 138AA9T 138AA9U 138AA9W 138AA9V 138AA9X 138AA9Y 138AA9Z 138AA90 138AA91 138AA92 138AA93 138AA94 138AA95 138AA96 138AA97 138AA98 138AA99

Luxembourg Economy Facts

You could buy 14274 pieces of Lamborghini Veneno for that amount.

You could wrap $100 bills would wrap around the planet 2 times.

If you spend $1,000,000 a day it would take you 175 years and 11 month to spend all Luxembourg debt.