Transaction number starting 138AL

Thailand national debt is fixed under the transaction number 138AL. On 13 September 2016, at 19:42 PM, it accounted for $147,392,271,212. On that day, the population of Thailand was 68,265,913 people and the country's GDP was $358,567,917,524 - this means that government debt relative to GDP was 41.11%. The average debt per resident is $2,160 and this indicator is constantly rising.

List similar transaction number

138ALAA 138ALAB 138ALAC 138ALAD 138ALAE 138ALAF 138ALAG 138ALAH 138ALAI 138ALAJ 138ALAK 138ALAL 138ALAM 138ALAN 138ALAO 138ALAP 138ALAQ 138ALAR 138ALAS 138ALAT 138ALAU 138ALAW 138ALAV 138ALAX 138ALAY 138ALAZ 138ALA0 138ALA1 138ALA2 138ALA3 138ALA4 138ALA5 138ALA6 138ALA7 138ALA8 138ALA9
138ALBA 138ALBB 138ALBC 138ALBD 138ALBE 138ALBF 138ALBG 138ALBH 138ALBI 138ALBJ 138ALBK 138ALBL 138ALBM 138ALBN 138ALBO 138ALBP 138ALBQ 138ALBR 138ALBS 138ALBT 138ALBU 138ALBW 138ALBV 138ALBX 138ALBY 138ALBZ 138ALB0 138ALB1 138ALB2 138ALB3 138ALB4 138ALB5 138ALB6 138ALB7 138ALB8 138ALB9
138ALCA 138ALCB 138ALCC 138ALCD 138ALCE 138ALCF 138ALCG 138ALCH 138ALCI 138ALCJ 138ALCK 138ALCL 138ALCM 138ALCN 138ALCO 138ALCP 138ALCQ 138ALCR 138ALCS 138ALCT 138ALCU 138ALCW 138ALCV 138ALCX 138ALCY 138ALCZ 138ALC0 138ALC1 138ALC2 138ALC3 138ALC4 138ALC5 138ALC6 138ALC7 138ALC8 138ALC9
138ALDA 138ALDB 138ALDC 138ALDD 138ALDE 138ALDF 138ALDG 138ALDH 138ALDI 138ALDJ 138ALDK 138ALDL 138ALDM 138ALDN 138ALDO 138ALDP 138ALDQ 138ALDR 138ALDS 138ALDT 138ALDU 138ALDW 138ALDV 138ALDX 138ALDY 138ALDZ 138ALD0 138ALD1 138ALD2 138ALD3 138ALD4 138ALD5 138ALD6 138ALD7 138ALD8 138ALD9
138ALEA 138ALEB 138ALEC 138ALED 138ALEE 138ALEF 138ALEG 138ALEH 138ALEI 138ALEJ 138ALEK 138ALEL 138ALEM 138ALEN 138ALEO 138ALEP 138ALEQ 138ALER 138ALES 138ALET 138ALEU 138ALEW 138ALEV 138ALEX 138ALEY 138ALEZ 138ALE0 138ALE1 138ALE2 138ALE3 138ALE4 138ALE5 138ALE6 138ALE7 138ALE8 138ALE9
138ALFA 138ALFB 138ALFC 138ALFD 138ALFE 138ALFF 138ALFG 138ALFH 138ALFI 138ALFJ 138ALFK 138ALFL 138ALFM 138ALFN 138ALFO 138ALFP 138ALFQ 138ALFR 138ALFS 138ALFT 138ALFU 138ALFW 138ALFV 138ALFX 138ALFY 138ALFZ 138ALF0 138ALF1 138ALF2 138ALF3 138ALF4 138ALF5 138ALF6 138ALF7 138ALF8 138ALF9
138ALGA 138ALGB 138ALGC 138ALGD 138ALGE 138ALGF 138ALGG 138ALGH 138ALGI 138ALGJ 138ALGK 138ALGL 138ALGM 138ALGN 138ALGO 138ALGP 138ALGQ 138ALGR 138ALGS 138ALGT 138ALGU 138ALGW 138ALGV 138ALGX 138ALGY 138ALGZ 138ALG0 138ALG1 138ALG2 138ALG3 138ALG4 138ALG5 138ALG6 138ALG7 138ALG8 138ALG9
138ALHA 138ALHB 138ALHC 138ALHD 138ALHE 138ALHF 138ALHG 138ALHH 138ALHI 138ALHJ 138ALHK 138ALHL 138ALHM 138ALHN 138ALHO 138ALHP 138ALHQ 138ALHR 138ALHS 138ALHT 138ALHU 138ALHW 138ALHV 138ALHX 138ALHY 138ALHZ 138ALH0 138ALH1 138ALH2 138ALH3 138ALH4 138ALH5 138ALH6 138ALH7 138ALH8 138ALH9
138ALIA 138ALIB 138ALIC 138ALID 138ALIE 138ALIF 138ALIG 138ALIH 138ALII 138ALIJ 138ALIK 138ALIL 138ALIM 138ALIN 138ALIO 138ALIP 138ALIQ 138ALIR 138ALIS 138ALIT 138ALIU 138ALIW 138ALIV 138ALIX 138ALIY 138ALIZ 138ALI0 138ALI1 138ALI2 138ALI3 138ALI4 138ALI5 138ALI6 138ALI7 138ALI8 138ALI9
138ALJA 138ALJB 138ALJC 138ALJD 138ALJE 138ALJF 138ALJG 138ALJH 138ALJI 138ALJJ 138ALJK 138ALJL 138ALJM 138ALJN 138ALJO 138ALJP 138ALJQ 138ALJR 138ALJS 138ALJT 138ALJU 138ALJW 138ALJV 138ALJX 138ALJY 138ALJZ 138ALJ0 138ALJ1 138ALJ2 138ALJ3 138ALJ4 138ALJ5 138ALJ6 138ALJ7 138ALJ8 138ALJ9
138ALKA 138ALKB 138ALKC 138ALKD 138ALKE 138ALKF 138ALKG 138ALKH 138ALKI 138ALKJ 138ALKK 138ALKL 138ALKM 138ALKN 138ALKO 138ALKP 138ALKQ 138ALKR 138ALKS 138ALKT 138ALKU 138ALKW 138ALKV 138ALKX 138ALKY 138ALKZ 138ALK0 138ALK1 138ALK2 138ALK3 138ALK4 138ALK5 138ALK6 138ALK7 138ALK8 138ALK9
138ALLA 138ALLB 138ALLC 138ALLD 138ALLE 138ALLF 138ALLG 138ALLH 138ALLI 138ALLJ 138ALLK 138ALLL 138ALLM 138ALLN 138ALLO 138ALLP 138ALLQ 138ALLR 138ALLS 138ALLT 138ALLU 138ALLW 138ALLV 138ALLX 138ALLY 138ALLZ 138ALL0 138ALL1 138ALL2 138ALL3 138ALL4 138ALL5 138ALL6 138ALL7 138ALL8 138ALL9
138ALMA 138ALMB 138ALMC 138ALMD 138ALME 138ALMF 138ALMG 138ALMH 138ALMI 138ALMJ 138ALMK 138ALML 138ALMM 138ALMN 138ALMO 138ALMP 138ALMQ 138ALMR 138ALMS 138ALMT 138ALMU 138ALMW 138ALMV 138ALMX 138ALMY 138ALMZ 138ALM0 138ALM1 138ALM2 138ALM3 138ALM4 138ALM5 138ALM6 138ALM7 138ALM8 138ALM9
138ALNA 138ALNB 138ALNC 138ALND 138ALNE 138ALNF 138ALNG 138ALNH 138ALNI 138ALNJ 138ALNK 138ALNL 138ALNM 138ALNN 138ALNO 138ALNP 138ALNQ 138ALNR 138ALNS 138ALNT 138ALNU 138ALNW 138ALNV 138ALNX 138ALNY 138ALNZ 138ALN0 138ALN1 138ALN2 138ALN3 138ALN4 138ALN5 138ALN6 138ALN7 138ALN8 138ALN9
138ALOA 138ALOB 138ALOC 138ALOD 138ALOE 138ALOF 138ALOG 138ALOH 138ALOI 138ALOJ 138ALOK 138ALOL 138ALOM 138ALON 138ALOO 138ALOP 138ALOQ 138ALOR 138ALOS 138ALOT 138ALOU 138ALOW 138ALOV 138ALOX 138ALOY 138ALOZ 138ALO0 138ALO1 138ALO2 138ALO3 138ALO4 138ALO5 138ALO6 138ALO7 138ALO8 138ALO9
138ALPA 138ALPB 138ALPC 138ALPD 138ALPE 138ALPF 138ALPG 138ALPH 138ALPI 138ALPJ 138ALPK 138ALPL 138ALPM 138ALPN 138ALPO 138ALPP 138ALPQ 138ALPR 138ALPS 138ALPT 138ALPU 138ALPW 138ALPV 138ALPX 138ALPY 138ALPZ 138ALP0 138ALP1 138ALP2 138ALP3 138ALP4 138ALP5 138ALP6 138ALP7 138ALP8 138ALP9
138ALQA 138ALQB 138ALQC 138ALQD 138ALQE 138ALQF 138ALQG 138ALQH 138ALQI 138ALQJ 138ALQK 138ALQL 138ALQM 138ALQN 138ALQO 138ALQP 138ALQQ 138ALQR 138ALQS 138ALQT 138ALQU 138ALQW 138ALQV 138ALQX 138ALQY 138ALQZ 138ALQ0 138ALQ1 138ALQ2 138ALQ3 138ALQ4 138ALQ5 138ALQ6 138ALQ7 138ALQ8 138ALQ9
138ALRA 138ALRB 138ALRC 138ALRD 138ALRE 138ALRF 138ALRG 138ALRH 138ALRI 138ALRJ 138ALRK 138ALRL 138ALRM 138ALRN 138ALRO 138ALRP 138ALRQ 138ALRR 138ALRS 138ALRT 138ALRU 138ALRW 138ALRV 138ALRX 138ALRY 138ALRZ 138ALR0 138ALR1 138ALR2 138ALR3 138ALR4 138ALR5 138ALR6 138ALR7 138ALR8 138ALR9
138ALSA 138ALSB 138ALSC 138ALSD 138ALSE 138ALSF 138ALSG 138ALSH 138ALSI 138ALSJ 138ALSK 138ALSL 138ALSM 138ALSN 138ALSO 138ALSP 138ALSQ 138ALSR 138ALSS 138ALST 138ALSU 138ALSW 138ALSV 138ALSX 138ALSY 138ALSZ 138ALS0 138ALS1 138ALS2 138ALS3 138ALS4 138ALS5 138ALS6 138ALS7 138ALS8 138ALS9
138ALTA 138ALTB 138ALTC 138ALTD 138ALTE 138ALTF 138ALTG 138ALTH 138ALTI 138ALTJ 138ALTK 138ALTL 138ALTM 138ALTN 138ALTO 138ALTP 138ALTQ 138ALTR 138ALTS 138ALTT 138ALTU 138ALTW 138ALTV 138ALTX 138ALTY 138ALTZ 138ALT0 138ALT1 138ALT2 138ALT3 138ALT4 138ALT5 138ALT6 138ALT7 138ALT8 138ALT9
138ALUA 138ALUB 138ALUC 138ALUD 138ALUE 138ALUF 138ALUG 138ALUH 138ALUI 138ALUJ 138ALUK 138ALUL 138ALUM 138ALUN 138ALUO 138ALUP 138ALUQ 138ALUR 138ALUS 138ALUT 138ALUU 138ALUW 138ALUV 138ALUX 138ALUY 138ALUZ 138ALU0 138ALU1 138ALU2 138ALU3 138ALU4 138ALU5 138ALU6 138ALU7 138ALU8 138ALU9
138ALWA 138ALWB 138ALWC 138ALWD 138ALWE 138ALWF 138ALWG 138ALWH 138ALWI 138ALWJ 138ALWK 138ALWL 138ALWM 138ALWN 138ALWO 138ALWP 138ALWQ 138ALWR 138ALWS 138ALWT 138ALWU 138ALWW 138ALWV 138ALWX 138ALWY 138ALWZ 138ALW0 138ALW1 138ALW2 138ALW3 138ALW4 138ALW5 138ALW6 138ALW7 138ALW8 138ALW9
138ALVA 138ALVB 138ALVC 138ALVD 138ALVE 138ALVF 138ALVG 138ALVH 138ALVI 138ALVJ 138ALVK 138ALVL 138ALVM 138ALVN 138ALVO 138ALVP 138ALVQ 138ALVR 138ALVS 138ALVT 138ALVU 138ALVW 138ALVV 138ALVX 138ALVY 138ALVZ 138ALV0 138ALV1 138ALV2 138ALV3 138ALV4 138ALV5 138ALV6 138ALV7 138ALV8 138ALV9
138ALXA 138ALXB 138ALXC 138ALXD 138ALXE 138ALXF 138ALXG 138ALXH 138ALXI 138ALXJ 138ALXK 138ALXL 138ALXM 138ALXN 138ALXO 138ALXP 138ALXQ 138ALXR 138ALXS 138ALXT 138ALXU 138ALXW 138ALXV 138ALXX 138ALXY 138ALXZ 138ALX0 138ALX1 138ALX2 138ALX3 138ALX4 138ALX5 138ALX6 138ALX7 138ALX8 138ALX9
138ALYA 138ALYB 138ALYC 138ALYD 138ALYE 138ALYF 138ALYG 138ALYH 138ALYI 138ALYJ 138ALYK 138ALYL 138ALYM 138ALYN 138ALYO 138ALYP 138ALYQ 138ALYR 138ALYS 138ALYT 138ALYU 138ALYW 138ALYV 138ALYX 138ALYY 138ALYZ 138ALY0 138ALY1 138ALY2 138ALY3 138ALY4 138ALY5 138ALY6 138ALY7 138ALY8 138ALY9
138ALZA 138ALZB 138ALZC 138ALZD 138ALZE 138ALZF 138ALZG 138ALZH 138ALZI 138ALZJ 138ALZK 138ALZL 138ALZM 138ALZN 138ALZO 138ALZP 138ALZQ 138ALZR 138ALZS 138ALZT 138ALZU 138ALZW 138ALZV 138ALZX 138ALZY 138ALZZ 138ALZ0 138ALZ1 138ALZ2 138ALZ3 138ALZ4 138ALZ5 138ALZ6 138ALZ7 138ALZ8 138ALZ9
138AL0A 138AL0B 138AL0C 138AL0D 138AL0E 138AL0F 138AL0G 138AL0H 138AL0I 138AL0J 138AL0K 138AL0L 138AL0M 138AL0N 138AL0O 138AL0P 138AL0Q 138AL0R 138AL0S 138AL0T 138AL0U 138AL0W 138AL0V 138AL0X 138AL0Y 138AL0Z 138AL00 138AL01 138AL02 138AL03 138AL04 138AL05 138AL06 138AL07 138AL08 138AL09
138AL1A 138AL1B 138AL1C 138AL1D 138AL1E 138AL1F 138AL1G 138AL1H 138AL1I 138AL1J 138AL1K 138AL1L 138AL1M 138AL1N 138AL1O 138AL1P 138AL1Q 138AL1R 138AL1S 138AL1T 138AL1U 138AL1W 138AL1V 138AL1X 138AL1Y 138AL1Z 138AL10 138AL11 138AL12 138AL13 138AL14 138AL15 138AL16 138AL17 138AL18 138AL19
138AL2A 138AL2B 138AL2C 138AL2D 138AL2E 138AL2F 138AL2G 138AL2H 138AL2I 138AL2J 138AL2K 138AL2L 138AL2M 138AL2N 138AL2O 138AL2P 138AL2Q 138AL2R 138AL2S 138AL2T 138AL2U 138AL2W 138AL2V 138AL2X 138AL2Y 138AL2Z 138AL20 138AL21 138AL22 138AL23 138AL24 138AL25 138AL26 138AL27 138AL28 138AL29
138AL3A 138AL3B 138AL3C 138AL3D 138AL3E 138AL3F 138AL3G 138AL3H 138AL3I 138AL3J 138AL3K 138AL3L 138AL3M 138AL3N 138AL3O 138AL3P 138AL3Q 138AL3R 138AL3S 138AL3T 138AL3U 138AL3W 138AL3V 138AL3X 138AL3Y 138AL3Z 138AL30 138AL31 138AL32 138AL33 138AL34 138AL35 138AL36 138AL37 138AL38 138AL39
138AL4A 138AL4B 138AL4C 138AL4D 138AL4E 138AL4F 138AL4G 138AL4H 138AL4I 138AL4J 138AL4K 138AL4L 138AL4M 138AL4N 138AL4O 138AL4P 138AL4Q 138AL4R 138AL4S 138AL4T 138AL4U 138AL4W 138AL4V 138AL4X 138AL4Y 138AL4Z 138AL40 138AL41 138AL42 138AL43 138AL44 138AL45 138AL46 138AL47 138AL48 138AL49
138AL5A 138AL5B 138AL5C 138AL5D 138AL5E 138AL5F 138AL5G 138AL5H 138AL5I 138AL5J 138AL5K 138AL5L 138AL5M 138AL5N 138AL5O 138AL5P 138AL5Q 138AL5R 138AL5S 138AL5T 138AL5U 138AL5W 138AL5V 138AL5X 138AL5Y 138AL5Z 138AL50 138AL51 138AL52 138AL53 138AL54 138AL55 138AL56 138AL57 138AL58 138AL59
138AL6A 138AL6B 138AL6C 138AL6D 138AL6E 138AL6F 138AL6G 138AL6H 138AL6I 138AL6J 138AL6K 138AL6L 138AL6M 138AL6N 138AL6O 138AL6P 138AL6Q 138AL6R 138AL6S 138AL6T 138AL6U 138AL6W 138AL6V 138AL6X 138AL6Y 138AL6Z 138AL60 138AL61 138AL62 138AL63 138AL64 138AL65 138AL66 138AL67 138AL68 138AL69
138AL7A 138AL7B 138AL7C 138AL7D 138AL7E 138AL7F 138AL7G 138AL7H 138AL7I 138AL7J 138AL7K 138AL7L 138AL7M 138AL7N 138AL7O 138AL7P 138AL7Q 138AL7R 138AL7S 138AL7T 138AL7U 138AL7W 138AL7V 138AL7X 138AL7Y 138AL7Z 138AL70 138AL71 138AL72 138AL73 138AL74 138AL75 138AL76 138AL77 138AL78 138AL79
138AL8A 138AL8B 138AL8C 138AL8D 138AL8E 138AL8F 138AL8G 138AL8H 138AL8I 138AL8J 138AL8K 138AL8L 138AL8M 138AL8N 138AL8O 138AL8P 138AL8Q 138AL8R 138AL8S 138AL8T 138AL8U 138AL8W 138AL8V 138AL8X 138AL8Y 138AL8Z 138AL80 138AL81 138AL82 138AL83 138AL84 138AL85 138AL86 138AL87 138AL88 138AL89
138AL9A 138AL9B 138AL9C 138AL9D 138AL9E 138AL9F 138AL9G 138AL9H 138AL9I 138AL9J 138AL9K 138AL9L 138AL9M 138AL9N 138AL9O 138AL9P 138AL9Q 138AL9R 138AL9S 138AL9T 138AL9U 138AL9W 138AL9V 138AL9X 138AL9Y 138AL9Z 138AL90 138AL91 138AL92 138AL93 138AL94 138AL95 138AL96 138AL97 138AL98 138AL99

Thailand Economy Facts

You could buy 79682 pieces of Lamborghini Veneno for that amount.

You could wrap $100 bills would wrap around the planet 13 times.

If you spend $1,000,000 a day it would take you 982 years and 4 month to spend all Thailand debt.