Transaction number starting 277KY

Romania national debt is fixed under the transaction number 277KY. On 2 March 2016, at 08:43 AM, it accounted for $68,109,185,411. On that day, the population of Romania was 19,500,215 people and the country's GDP was $181,047,957,836 - this means that government debt relative to GDP was 37.62%. The average debt per resident is $3,493 and this indicator is constantly rising.

List similar transaction number

277KYAA 277KYAB 277KYAC 277KYAD 277KYAE 277KYAF 277KYAG 277KYAH 277KYAI 277KYAJ 277KYAK 277KYAL 277KYAM 277KYAN 277KYAO 277KYAP 277KYAQ 277KYAR 277KYAS 277KYAT 277KYAU 277KYAW 277KYAV 277KYAX 277KYAY 277KYAZ 277KYA0 277KYA1 277KYA2 277KYA3 277KYA4 277KYA5 277KYA6 277KYA7 277KYA8 277KYA9
277KYBA 277KYBB 277KYBC 277KYBD 277KYBE 277KYBF 277KYBG 277KYBH 277KYBI 277KYBJ 277KYBK 277KYBL 277KYBM 277KYBN 277KYBO 277KYBP 277KYBQ 277KYBR 277KYBS 277KYBT 277KYBU 277KYBW 277KYBV 277KYBX 277KYBY 277KYBZ 277KYB0 277KYB1 277KYB2 277KYB3 277KYB4 277KYB5 277KYB6 277KYB7 277KYB8 277KYB9
277KYCA 277KYCB 277KYCC 277KYCD 277KYCE 277KYCF 277KYCG 277KYCH 277KYCI 277KYCJ 277KYCK 277KYCL 277KYCM 277KYCN 277KYCO 277KYCP 277KYCQ 277KYCR 277KYCS 277KYCT 277KYCU 277KYCW 277KYCV 277KYCX 277KYCY 277KYCZ 277KYC0 277KYC1 277KYC2 277KYC3 277KYC4 277KYC5 277KYC6 277KYC7 277KYC8 277KYC9
277KYDA 277KYDB 277KYDC 277KYDD 277KYDE 277KYDF 277KYDG 277KYDH 277KYDI 277KYDJ 277KYDK 277KYDL 277KYDM 277KYDN 277KYDO 277KYDP 277KYDQ 277KYDR 277KYDS 277KYDT 277KYDU 277KYDW 277KYDV 277KYDX 277KYDY 277KYDZ 277KYD0 277KYD1 277KYD2 277KYD3 277KYD4 277KYD5 277KYD6 277KYD7 277KYD8 277KYD9
277KYEA 277KYEB 277KYEC 277KYED 277KYEE 277KYEF 277KYEG 277KYEH 277KYEI 277KYEJ 277KYEK 277KYEL 277KYEM 277KYEN 277KYEO 277KYEP 277KYEQ 277KYER 277KYES 277KYET 277KYEU 277KYEW 277KYEV 277KYEX 277KYEY 277KYEZ 277KYE0 277KYE1 277KYE2 277KYE3 277KYE4 277KYE5 277KYE6 277KYE7 277KYE8 277KYE9
277KYFA 277KYFB 277KYFC 277KYFD 277KYFE 277KYFF 277KYFG 277KYFH 277KYFI 277KYFJ 277KYFK 277KYFL 277KYFM 277KYFN 277KYFO 277KYFP 277KYFQ 277KYFR 277KYFS 277KYFT 277KYFU 277KYFW 277KYFV 277KYFX 277KYFY 277KYFZ 277KYF0 277KYF1 277KYF2 277KYF3 277KYF4 277KYF5 277KYF6 277KYF7 277KYF8 277KYF9
277KYGA 277KYGB 277KYGC 277KYGD 277KYGE 277KYGF 277KYGG 277KYGH 277KYGI 277KYGJ 277KYGK 277KYGL 277KYGM 277KYGN 277KYGO 277KYGP 277KYGQ 277KYGR 277KYGS 277KYGT 277KYGU 277KYGW 277KYGV 277KYGX 277KYGY 277KYGZ 277KYG0 277KYG1 277KYG2 277KYG3 277KYG4 277KYG5 277KYG6 277KYG7 277KYG8 277KYG9
277KYHA 277KYHB 277KYHC 277KYHD 277KYHE 277KYHF 277KYHG 277KYHH 277KYHI 277KYHJ 277KYHK 277KYHL 277KYHM 277KYHN 277KYHO 277KYHP 277KYHQ 277KYHR 277KYHS 277KYHT 277KYHU 277KYHW 277KYHV 277KYHX 277KYHY 277KYHZ 277KYH0 277KYH1 277KYH2 277KYH3 277KYH4 277KYH5 277KYH6 277KYH7 277KYH8 277KYH9
277KYIA 277KYIB 277KYIC 277KYID 277KYIE 277KYIF 277KYIG 277KYIH 277KYII 277KYIJ 277KYIK 277KYIL 277KYIM 277KYIN 277KYIO 277KYIP 277KYIQ 277KYIR 277KYIS 277KYIT 277KYIU 277KYIW 277KYIV 277KYIX 277KYIY 277KYIZ 277KYI0 277KYI1 277KYI2 277KYI3 277KYI4 277KYI5 277KYI6 277KYI7 277KYI8 277KYI9
277KYJA 277KYJB 277KYJC 277KYJD 277KYJE 277KYJF 277KYJG 277KYJH 277KYJI 277KYJJ 277KYJK 277KYJL 277KYJM 277KYJN 277KYJO 277KYJP 277KYJQ 277KYJR 277KYJS 277KYJT 277KYJU 277KYJW 277KYJV 277KYJX 277KYJY 277KYJZ 277KYJ0 277KYJ1 277KYJ2 277KYJ3 277KYJ4 277KYJ5 277KYJ6 277KYJ7 277KYJ8 277KYJ9
277KYKA 277KYKB 277KYKC 277KYKD 277KYKE 277KYKF 277KYKG 277KYKH 277KYKI 277KYKJ 277KYKK 277KYKL 277KYKM 277KYKN 277KYKO 277KYKP 277KYKQ 277KYKR 277KYKS 277KYKT 277KYKU 277KYKW 277KYKV 277KYKX 277KYKY 277KYKZ 277KYK0 277KYK1 277KYK2 277KYK3 277KYK4 277KYK5 277KYK6 277KYK7 277KYK8 277KYK9
277KYLA 277KYLB 277KYLC 277KYLD 277KYLE 277KYLF 277KYLG 277KYLH 277KYLI 277KYLJ 277KYLK 277KYLL 277KYLM 277KYLN 277KYLO 277KYLP 277KYLQ 277KYLR 277KYLS 277KYLT 277KYLU 277KYLW 277KYLV 277KYLX 277KYLY 277KYLZ 277KYL0 277KYL1 277KYL2 277KYL3 277KYL4 277KYL5 277KYL6 277KYL7 277KYL8 277KYL9
277KYMA 277KYMB 277KYMC 277KYMD 277KYME 277KYMF 277KYMG 277KYMH 277KYMI 277KYMJ 277KYMK 277KYML 277KYMM 277KYMN 277KYMO 277KYMP 277KYMQ 277KYMR 277KYMS 277KYMT 277KYMU 277KYMW 277KYMV 277KYMX 277KYMY 277KYMZ 277KYM0 277KYM1 277KYM2 277KYM3 277KYM4 277KYM5 277KYM6 277KYM7 277KYM8 277KYM9
277KYNA 277KYNB 277KYNC 277KYND 277KYNE 277KYNF 277KYNG 277KYNH 277KYNI 277KYNJ 277KYNK 277KYNL 277KYNM 277KYNN 277KYNO 277KYNP 277KYNQ 277KYNR 277KYNS 277KYNT 277KYNU 277KYNW 277KYNV 277KYNX 277KYNY 277KYNZ 277KYN0 277KYN1 277KYN2 277KYN3 277KYN4 277KYN5 277KYN6 277KYN7 277KYN8 277KYN9
277KYOA 277KYOB 277KYOC 277KYOD 277KYOE 277KYOF 277KYOG 277KYOH 277KYOI 277KYOJ 277KYOK 277KYOL 277KYOM 277KYON 277KYOO 277KYOP 277KYOQ 277KYOR 277KYOS 277KYOT 277KYOU 277KYOW 277KYOV 277KYOX 277KYOY 277KYOZ 277KYO0 277KYO1 277KYO2 277KYO3 277KYO4 277KYO5 277KYO6 277KYO7 277KYO8 277KYO9
277KYPA 277KYPB 277KYPC 277KYPD 277KYPE 277KYPF 277KYPG 277KYPH 277KYPI 277KYPJ 277KYPK 277KYPL 277KYPM 277KYPN 277KYPO 277KYPP 277KYPQ 277KYPR 277KYPS 277KYPT 277KYPU 277KYPW 277KYPV 277KYPX 277KYPY 277KYPZ 277KYP0 277KYP1 277KYP2 277KYP3 277KYP4 277KYP5 277KYP6 277KYP7 277KYP8 277KYP9
277KYQA 277KYQB 277KYQC 277KYQD 277KYQE 277KYQF 277KYQG 277KYQH 277KYQI 277KYQJ 277KYQK 277KYQL 277KYQM 277KYQN 277KYQO 277KYQP 277KYQQ 277KYQR 277KYQS 277KYQT 277KYQU 277KYQW 277KYQV 277KYQX 277KYQY 277KYQZ 277KYQ0 277KYQ1 277KYQ2 277KYQ3 277KYQ4 277KYQ5 277KYQ6 277KYQ7 277KYQ8 277KYQ9
277KYRA 277KYRB 277KYRC 277KYRD 277KYRE 277KYRF 277KYRG 277KYRH 277KYRI 277KYRJ 277KYRK 277KYRL 277KYRM 277KYRN 277KYRO 277KYRP 277KYRQ 277KYRR 277KYRS 277KYRT 277KYRU 277KYRW 277KYRV 277KYRX 277KYRY 277KYRZ 277KYR0 277KYR1 277KYR2 277KYR3 277KYR4 277KYR5 277KYR6 277KYR7 277KYR8 277KYR9
277KYSA 277KYSB 277KYSC 277KYSD 277KYSE 277KYSF 277KYSG 277KYSH 277KYSI 277KYSJ 277KYSK 277KYSL 277KYSM 277KYSN 277KYSO 277KYSP 277KYSQ 277KYSR 277KYSS 277KYST 277KYSU 277KYSW 277KYSV 277KYSX 277KYSY 277KYSZ 277KYS0 277KYS1 277KYS2 277KYS3 277KYS4 277KYS5 277KYS6 277KYS7 277KYS8 277KYS9
277KYTA 277KYTB 277KYTC 277KYTD 277KYTE 277KYTF 277KYTG 277KYTH 277KYTI 277KYTJ 277KYTK 277KYTL 277KYTM 277KYTN 277KYTO 277KYTP 277KYTQ 277KYTR 277KYTS 277KYTT 277KYTU 277KYTW 277KYTV 277KYTX 277KYTY 277KYTZ 277KYT0 277KYT1 277KYT2 277KYT3 277KYT4 277KYT5 277KYT6 277KYT7 277KYT8 277KYT9
277KYUA 277KYUB 277KYUC 277KYUD 277KYUE 277KYUF 277KYUG 277KYUH 277KYUI 277KYUJ 277KYUK 277KYUL 277KYUM 277KYUN 277KYUO 277KYUP 277KYUQ 277KYUR 277KYUS 277KYUT 277KYUU 277KYUW 277KYUV 277KYUX 277KYUY 277KYUZ 277KYU0 277KYU1 277KYU2 277KYU3 277KYU4 277KYU5 277KYU6 277KYU7 277KYU8 277KYU9
277KYWA 277KYWB 277KYWC 277KYWD 277KYWE 277KYWF 277KYWG 277KYWH 277KYWI 277KYWJ 277KYWK 277KYWL 277KYWM 277KYWN 277KYWO 277KYWP 277KYWQ 277KYWR 277KYWS 277KYWT 277KYWU 277KYWW 277KYWV 277KYWX 277KYWY 277KYWZ 277KYW0 277KYW1 277KYW2 277KYW3 277KYW4 277KYW5 277KYW6 277KYW7 277KYW8 277KYW9
277KYVA 277KYVB 277KYVC 277KYVD 277KYVE 277KYVF 277KYVG 277KYVH 277KYVI 277KYVJ 277KYVK 277KYVL 277KYVM 277KYVN 277KYVO 277KYVP 277KYVQ 277KYVR 277KYVS 277KYVT 277KYVU 277KYVW 277KYVV 277KYVX 277KYVY 277KYVZ 277KYV0 277KYV1 277KYV2 277KYV3 277KYV4 277KYV5 277KYV6 277KYV7 277KYV8 277KYV9
277KYXA 277KYXB 277KYXC 277KYXD 277KYXE 277KYXF 277KYXG 277KYXH 277KYXI 277KYXJ 277KYXK 277KYXL 277KYXM 277KYXN 277KYXO 277KYXP 277KYXQ 277KYXR 277KYXS 277KYXT 277KYXU 277KYXW 277KYXV 277KYXX 277KYXY 277KYXZ 277KYX0 277KYX1 277KYX2 277KYX3 277KYX4 277KYX5 277KYX6 277KYX7 277KYX8 277KYX9
277KYYA 277KYYB 277KYYC 277KYYD 277KYYE 277KYYF 277KYYG 277KYYH 277KYYI 277KYYJ 277KYYK 277KYYL 277KYYM 277KYYN 277KYYO 277KYYP 277KYYQ 277KYYR 277KYYS 277KYYT 277KYYU 277KYYW 277KYYV 277KYYX 277KYYY 277KYYZ 277KYY0 277KYY1 277KYY2 277KYY3 277KYY4 277KYY5 277KYY6 277KYY7 277KYY8 277KYY9
277KYZA 277KYZB 277KYZC 277KYZD 277KYZE 277KYZF 277KYZG 277KYZH 277KYZI 277KYZJ 277KYZK 277KYZL 277KYZM 277KYZN 277KYZO 277KYZP 277KYZQ 277KYZR 277KYZS 277KYZT 277KYZU 277KYZW 277KYZV 277KYZX 277KYZY 277KYZZ 277KYZ0 277KYZ1 277KYZ2 277KYZ3 277KYZ4 277KYZ5 277KYZ6 277KYZ7 277KYZ8 277KYZ9
277KY0A 277KY0B 277KY0C 277KY0D 277KY0E 277KY0F 277KY0G 277KY0H 277KY0I 277KY0J 277KY0K 277KY0L 277KY0M 277KY0N 277KY0O 277KY0P 277KY0Q 277KY0R 277KY0S 277KY0T 277KY0U 277KY0W 277KY0V 277KY0X 277KY0Y 277KY0Z 277KY00 277KY01 277KY02 277KY03 277KY04 277KY05 277KY06 277KY07 277KY08 277KY09
277KY1A 277KY1B 277KY1C 277KY1D 277KY1E 277KY1F 277KY1G 277KY1H 277KY1I 277KY1J 277KY1K 277KY1L 277KY1M 277KY1N 277KY1O 277KY1P 277KY1Q 277KY1R 277KY1S 277KY1T 277KY1U 277KY1W 277KY1V 277KY1X 277KY1Y 277KY1Z 277KY10 277KY11 277KY12 277KY13 277KY14 277KY15 277KY16 277KY17 277KY18 277KY19
277KY2A 277KY2B 277KY2C 277KY2D 277KY2E 277KY2F 277KY2G 277KY2H 277KY2I 277KY2J 277KY2K 277KY2L 277KY2M 277KY2N 277KY2O 277KY2P 277KY2Q 277KY2R 277KY2S 277KY2T 277KY2U 277KY2W 277KY2V 277KY2X 277KY2Y 277KY2Z 277KY20 277KY21 277KY22 277KY23 277KY24 277KY25 277KY26 277KY27 277KY28 277KY29
277KY3A 277KY3B 277KY3C 277KY3D 277KY3E 277KY3F 277KY3G 277KY3H 277KY3I 277KY3J 277KY3K 277KY3L 277KY3M 277KY3N 277KY3O 277KY3P 277KY3Q 277KY3R 277KY3S 277KY3T 277KY3U 277KY3W 277KY3V 277KY3X 277KY3Y 277KY3Z 277KY30 277KY31 277KY32 277KY33 277KY34 277KY35 277KY36 277KY37 277KY38 277KY39
277KY4A 277KY4B 277KY4C 277KY4D 277KY4E 277KY4F 277KY4G 277KY4H 277KY4I 277KY4J 277KY4K 277KY4L 277KY4M 277KY4N 277KY4O 277KY4P 277KY4Q 277KY4R 277KY4S 277KY4T 277KY4U 277KY4W 277KY4V 277KY4X 277KY4Y 277KY4Z 277KY40 277KY41 277KY42 277KY43 277KY44 277KY45 277KY46 277KY47 277KY48 277KY49
277KY5A 277KY5B 277KY5C 277KY5D 277KY5E 277KY5F 277KY5G 277KY5H 277KY5I 277KY5J 277KY5K 277KY5L 277KY5M 277KY5N 277KY5O 277KY5P 277KY5Q 277KY5R 277KY5S 277KY5T 277KY5U 277KY5W 277KY5V 277KY5X 277KY5Y 277KY5Z 277KY50 277KY51 277KY52 277KY53 277KY54 277KY55 277KY56 277KY57 277KY58 277KY59
277KY6A 277KY6B 277KY6C 277KY6D 277KY6E 277KY6F 277KY6G 277KY6H 277KY6I 277KY6J 277KY6K 277KY6L 277KY6M 277KY6N 277KY6O 277KY6P 277KY6Q 277KY6R 277KY6S 277KY6T 277KY6U 277KY6W 277KY6V 277KY6X 277KY6Y 277KY6Z 277KY60 277KY61 277KY62 277KY63 277KY64 277KY65 277KY66 277KY67 277KY68 277KY69
277KY7A 277KY7B 277KY7C 277KY7D 277KY7E 277KY7F 277KY7G 277KY7H 277KY7I 277KY7J 277KY7K 277KY7L 277KY7M 277KY7N 277KY7O 277KY7P 277KY7Q 277KY7R 277KY7S 277KY7T 277KY7U 277KY7W 277KY7V 277KY7X 277KY7Y 277KY7Z 277KY70 277KY71 277KY72 277KY73 277KY74 277KY75 277KY76 277KY77 277KY78 277KY79
277KY8A 277KY8B 277KY8C 277KY8D 277KY8E 277KY8F 277KY8G 277KY8H 277KY8I 277KY8J 277KY8K 277KY8L 277KY8M 277KY8N 277KY8O 277KY8P 277KY8Q 277KY8R 277KY8S 277KY8T 277KY8U 277KY8W 277KY8V 277KY8X 277KY8Y 277KY8Z 277KY80 277KY81 277KY82 277KY83 277KY84 277KY85 277KY86 277KY87 277KY88 277KY89
277KY9A 277KY9B 277KY9C 277KY9D 277KY9E 277KY9F 277KY9G 277KY9H 277KY9I 277KY9J 277KY9K 277KY9L 277KY9M 277KY9N 277KY9O 277KY9P 277KY9Q 277KY9R 277KY9S 277KY9T 277KY9U 277KY9W 277KY9V 277KY9X 277KY9Y 277KY9Z 277KY90 277KY91 277KY92 277KY93 277KY94 277KY95 277KY96 277KY97 277KY98 277KY99

Romania Economy Facts

You could buy 40233 pieces of Lamborghini Veneno for that amount.

You could wrap $100 bills would wrap around the planet 7 times.

If you spend $1,000,000 a day it would take you 496 years and 0 month to spend all Romania debt.